Develi Municipality Mustafa Aksu Cultural Center held in the 1st International Develi Aşık Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress ended with the sessions held on the last day. Academicians from both abroad and abroad continued their presentations about Turkish Culture in the 2nd Session and Develi in the 3rd Session.
Professor from Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Dr. Chaired by Isa Ozkan, Turkish Folklore Research Center on Turkish Culture. Prof. Yaşar Kalafat, Hacettepe University Dr. Prof. Nebi Özdemir, Gazi University Dr. İsmet Çetin and Prof. Dr. Muammer Nurlu made their presentations. After the presentation, the members of the protocol presented plaques and Turkish Flag to the academicians attending the congress.
On the 2nd day of the congress at Dev Ali Anatolian High School Hüseyin Kürşat Türkan, Assoc. Dr. Kürşat Öncül, Assoc. Dr. H. Nurgül Begiç, Assoc. Dr. Onur Alp Kayabaşı, Ph.D. Dr. Ayşe Yücel Çetin, Assoc. Dr. During the sessions directed by Seyfullah Yıldırım, oturum Turkish Culture Oral Presentations ak, academics made presentations of the papers they prepared for the Turkish Culture Congress. Develi Mayor Mehmet Cabbar attended the sessions on the 2nd day and listened to the presentations made by the academicians. After the presentation, the presidents presented the participation certificate to the academicians who attended the congress.
In the afternoon at the congress, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Recep Özkan on Develi Erciyes University Assoc. Dr. Sultan Topçu, State Archives Specialist Hacı Osman Yıldırım, Bolu İzzet Baysal University Faculty member Mehmet Süme made presentations.
Dev Ali Anatolian High School in the afternoon Assoc. Dr. Ali Korkmaz, Assoc. Dr. H. Nurgül Begiç, Professor Dr. Muhittin Eliaçık, Assoc. Dr. Timur Vural, Assoc. Dr. Kenan Güllü, Assoc. Dr. Academicians made presentations about Develi Oral Presentations directed by Yılmaz Yeşil. After the presentation, the event was organized by the teachers and students of Dev Ali Anatolian High School.
In the closing speech of the 1st International Develi Minstrel Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress in the Develi Municipality Mustafa Aksu Cultural Center, the Mayor of Develi Mehmet Cabbar exchanged information with the 1st International Develi Minstrel Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress and the leading scientists and academicians in the field; stating that they aim to create a scientific environment for them to share their experiences, research findings and the latest developments. “We fully believe that the results of the congress will make significant contributions to our country and to the scientific world. I would like to thank the scientists of this congress that we have organized for the cultural feast. We tried to welcome you during the congress. Next year we will organize the 2nd International Develi, Aşık Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress, and I promise to see you as the Develi Municipality in Develi Municipality to see the cultural ambassadors in Develi again and to reach the next generations as our spiritual values. I would like to thank all the participants and all the staff who came to Develi without saying too close. ”
Murat Duru District Governor of Develi “I think that hosting this kind of congress is very important in terms of reflecting our cultural diversity, unique features and organizational success. I would also like to thank our Municipality and all the institutions that support it, and all the scientists who support you separately. I would like to express my thanks again to Mehmet Cabbar, our Develi Mayor Mehmet Cabbar and to all of my teachers and academicians who contributed to the congress.
Panel Chairman Hacettepe University Dr. After the completion of the 1st International Develi Âşık Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress, Özkul Çobanoğlu made a speech in his speech: has proven that it is now. ”
At the 1st International Develi Aşık Seyrani and Turkish Culture Congress, a trip to the academicians participating in the Congress will be organized by Develi Municipality to visit the historical places in Develi, which academics have told in their presentations on behalf of Develi, Âşık Seyrani and Turkish Culture.

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